I'm a curious small-town soul determined to empower others around me 🤟🏼

Growing up in a small town I learned the value of serving others, getting involved in my community, and the power of community support at an early age. Because growth and comfort do not coexist I was forced to leave the comfort of my small-town population of 700 and ended up in Seattle. I am experience-driven in every aspect, I embrace and welcome what change has to offer, challenging myself to grow from past learnings. 


I initially moved to Seattle while I was in the healthcare industry, where I was fortunate to serve patients directly, providing a space of safety during their healthcare journey. During my time serving patients, I gained deep feelings of empathy, while exchanging test results and vulnerable conversations with patients. I experienced a critical element of clear and concise communication when communicating with patients and fellow hospital colleagues.


While in healthcare, I concentrated on productivity, efficiency, Innovation, and time management. I was intrigued by how processes could be improved to serve our patients efficiently in a timely manner without losing the personal touch patients need and deserve. After a major life event, I decided to step away from my 10-year career in healthcare, naturally directing me to pursue a new space called UX Design. 

Since becoming a UX Designer and Creative Consultant I have been able to empower other creatives, makers, and dreamers to take that risk and invest in yourself. Your only limit is you, DREAM BIG.  

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