I currently live in Emerald City, a city after my own heart.  

I am a small-town soul determined to empower others around me. My small town taught me about supporting and serving others along their journey of life and to embody the heart of an underdog. Since moving to Seattle I have been captivated by the architecture, cuisine, culture, and creative space and opportunity. 

I moved to Seattle where I started a career in the healthcare industry, I was fortunate to serve patients and provide them a space of safety during their healthcare journey. During my time of serving these patients directly, I learned the importance of empathy, urgency, clear and concise communication, productivity, efficiency, Innovation, and time management. After a major life event, I decided to step away from my 10-year career at the hospital. I left to pursue a new space called UX Design. 


User Experience Design is a fusion between listening to people and their needs, using critical thinking skills, effective communication, observation, and most importantly empathy.  


Since becoming a UX Designer and Creative Consultant I have been able to empower other creatives, makers, and dreamers to take that risk and invest in yourself. Your only limit is you, DREAM BIG.  

My Work

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