My Motto  

Attitude is the difference between adventure and ordeal. 

I am experience-driven in every way, I love exploring new spaces, cuisine, and cultures. I believe that great design starts with empathy, organic conversations, and understanding. 

After a major life event, I stepped away from a 10-year career in healthcare. This decision naturally directed me to pursue UX Design, where I could continue to intentionally serve people, their pain points, build relationships, provide an improved quality of life, and advocate for better human experiences.

While in healthcare working directly with patients I gained deep feelings of empathy for people, especially during stressful situations like the exchange of test results, pre-procedure instructions, emergency phone calls, and engaging in vulnerable conversations with patients and loved ones.
Providing a space of safety, understanding, and confidence is a feeling I strive to achieve when building relationships. 


Since becoming a UX Designer and Creative Consultant, I've been able to empower other creatives, makers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. I intentionally design holistic solutions that serve real human needs. I deeply care about the impact I create, I hope to make the world a better place through design and understanding.