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Hello, I’m KP

 She / Her 

Creative Consultant | User Experience Designer

Currently located in Seattle, WA

Kayla Paredes, UX Designer
Kayla Paredes

Experience Designer


 Creative Consultant

I appreciate your time,

Thanks for stopping by! 

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I'm driven by a desire to understand people's goals holistically and support them effectively.
My passion for UX stems from advocating for human experiences, learning about people, and using technology to improve their quality of life.

see my work

cigarette hero background_edited.jpg
Android Design
disrupt & redirect
Your smoking cessation companion
grayscale social media photo.png
aepistle hi-fi mockups - portfolio.png
Experience community unfiltered
iOS Design
A teacher's school supply wishlist fulfillment tool
iOS Design

What other team members say

"KP brings her curiosity and tenacity to everything I have seen her do. As an InHerShoes Summit Chair, KP brought to life a yearly Summit through ideation and execution from start to finish.
I have seen her create teams and teamwork in any situation, provide solutions to complex problems, and bring her genuine passion for building inclusivity and community to any environment she steps into.
From her "can-do" attitude, encouraging presence for her teammates and those around her, to her technical prowess - KP makes an invaluable member of any team, project, or cause looking for mission and results-driven leaders.”

Judith Martinez, CEO, Founder InHerShoes Inc. Judith managed Kayla 'KP' directly"

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