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Healthy Creations

HC_Desktop final mockup.png

A Plant-Based

Private Chef Company

Project Overview

Redesign a private-chef's website, pivoting from in-person classes and outdated design. The new website needs to support private-chef customers and generate business online.

Ariel's Business Needs:

1. Provide services to her customers online

2. Restructure Healthy Creation's Flavorgasm Donuts - Donut of the Month Club.

3. Time-saving solutions for managing messages and phone calls regarding meal planning. 

4. Showcase Healthy Creation's services in a digestible source of useful information during each point of contact. 

5. Serve her community, through a community food box partnership aiding families affected by the pandemic. 

My Role 

  • User Experience

  • Content Strategist

  • Visual Design


  • Figma

  • Wix

A Bird's Eye View

By consolidating and reorganize the current service structure, pairing similar website content, visitors are able to clearly navigate the website without the additional cognitive load. Allowing Healthy Creations' customers to continue business with Ariel online despite Covid-19 restrictions, without making multiple clicks getting lost trying to navigate the website. Which Frees up Ariel from answering phone calls, and questions for more time to prepare meals and volunteer her services to the community. 

Healthy Creations Landing Page Before Redesign

Healthy Creations _ Portfolio Desktop Ap

Healthy Creations Landing Page AFTER Redesign

Healthy Creations _ Portfolio Desktop Ap
Healthy Creations Final Design
Healthy Creations _review.png

My Contributions

I conducted industry research, content audit, SEO optimization, persona creation, business strategy, mood board, logo creation, and final design. The rebrand and Low-fidelity mockups were co-collaborated between myself and Lori Yeh, UX Designer. I performed and created the final website mockup design, tailored solutions to Healthy Creation's adaptive business model which altered from our initial mockups. I implemented product collections, website automation, and suggested strategies according to Healthy Creation's business needs and online social media platforms.   

A revised solution for meal plan packages was required. I created sustainable meal cards Ariel can customize and manage. A new consultation form was implemented that collects customer preferences based on Ariel's seasonal menu, saving Chef Ariel time managing her business.



Research & Discovery

  • Understand Healthy Creation's' business needs, service operations, and identify customer base.

  • Audit Healthy Creation's current website, tend to any low hanging fruit, which included typos, and removing duplicate content that did not add value towards Ariel's goal of obtaining a clean clutter-free website.

  • Compare & analyze similar business models, explore business mechanics and concepts.

Website Architecture

To understand Ariel's current website structure I constructed a site map​ focusing on the consolidation of like services, removal of duplicate menus, navigation, and replacement of new services. 

  • A new site map was organized and developed integrating new and previous services, eliminating customer confusion and cognitive load when using this site. 

  • Extracted Healthy Creation's website copy, menus, and informational text. 

Healthy Creations Website Architecture


The Customer Experience

  • Align Healthy Creation's customers' goals with the website design, teasing out each persona catering to their dietary needs and preferences. Ensuring primary customers have all decision-making components available.  

  • Create clear, concise communication providing website visitors information required to navigate and determine the best services offered for each individual customer.

Healthy Creations personas.png
  • Catered to the busy individual who has no time to waste on multiple clicks or time to cook.

Healthy Creations personas.png
  • Serving clients a spoonful of cultural meals in addition to a fresh new website design. 

Healthy Creations personas.png
  • Food education and guidance towards fitness goals, and meals that cater to dietary restrictions. 

Content Landscape 

  • Examine catering, meal box services, and other food industry websites. 

  • Compare & analyze industry trends, similar business models, explore business mechanics and concepts.

  • Become familiarized with industry terms and language, like Baker's Dozen.

Healthy Creations_ UI Inspo
Healthy Creations Weekly Menu -
Healthy Creations_Desktop UI Inspo
Healthy Creations_ Food Delivery _ Your
healthy creations _ meal plan UI inspo .
Online menu _UI
Healthy Creation_ Cupcake UI inspo
Healthy Creations _ UI Inspo
Healthy Creations Order_ Checkout UI Ins
Healthy Creations Desktop Inspo

Essential Planning 

Research shows that 73% of customers in 12 countries say that customer experience is the most important factor in their purchasing decisions. 


Ideation & Prototype 

  • Repackage Healthy Creations in-person services to an online service where Healthy Creations can still profit due to Covid-19.

  • Create a cohesive experience and structure for Healthy Creation's customers, providing seamless page transitions and guidance of Healthy Creation's process & operations. 

  • Develop a new automated and sustainable business flow for Healthy Creations.

  • Establish a creative way to continue Ariel's passion to educate her clients to understand the cultural aspect of food and how food can be used to heal the body. 


  • Consolidate offered services duplicated on the website, creating a cleaner, and accessible website for customers.

  • Construct Meal Plan cards that provide enough details an interested customer would need to locate & forge a decision with. 

  • Compose a new way of showcasing Flavorgasm donuts,  condensing the menu to reflect seasonal and most popular donuts.

  • Generate an automated response trigger system Ariel can manage, saving her time in responding to customers. Helping Ariel get back to her craft. 

Healthy Creations _ Portfolio Desktop Ap
Healthy Creations Website before website redesign

Healthy Creations Landing Page


Defining Operations


Design & Test 

  • A comprehensible customer friendly website, which includes digestible meal planning information in one distinct place, and educative content a customer would require to make an informed decision.

  • A new cohesive, brand consistent with brand colors, font, text.

  • Iterate website based on customer interactions and feedback as well as SEO analytics.        

Illuminating The Process

  • Establish a visible process - I created a 1,2,3 numbered process explaining how Healthy Creations operates.

       Easily directing customers throughout the site.

  • Provide representation and language illuminating Healthy Creation's unique selling point of providing vegan, vegetarian, soy-free, gluten-free local handpicked ingredients.

  • Implement Meal Plan cards designated into three categories:

 The Food Enthusiast, Fitness Minded, The Executive  

Providing plan details including serving size, sample menu, and Meal Plan Consultation form, which caters to customers with dietary restrictions. 

HC_3 step & ingredients .png
HC_3 step & ingredients .png
HC_our proccess _mobile.png
Iphone Mockup Screen_.png

How It Works


HC_3 step & ingredients .png
HC_3 step & ingredients .png
HC_our ingredients_Mobile mockup.png
Iphone Mockup Screen_.png

Flavorgasm Donuts

  • A Featured Donut and seasonal menu created to decrease customers' cognitive load by eliminating unavailable options. This was a viable option in place of The Donut of The Month Club which was suspended due to Covid-19.

  • Introduce Seattle Love care packages, A promotional offer to support local businesses and families during Covid-19. A lightbox and submenu were implemented, to give care packages their own page real estate to include package contents and pricing.

Flavorgasm Donut
Healthy Creations _ Portfolio Desktop Ap
HC Flavorgasm Donut_before redesign.png
Flavorgasm Donuts After Website Redesign

 AFTER Redesign


Flavorgasm Donuts BEFORE Redesign


The Food Enthusiast, Fitness Minded, The Executive   

   • Structured meal plans that provide details including serving              size, sample menu, and meal plan consultation form. 

  • Visual cue representation and language educating site members of Healthy Creations niche market, catering to dietary and lifestyle needs. 

  • Arranged meal plans and menus. 

All Things Meal Plan

  • Increased efficiency time-saving automation.

  • Input form added allowing customers to specialize Meal Box preferences


Meal Planning in a click

​•All things Meal Planning, Ariel's go-to service.

  • Meal Box Contents, pictures, options & delivery details can be found here.

Meal Plan Layout.png


  • Design a logo that embodies Healthy Creations'  brand identity.​

  • Incorporate brand colors that represent Ariel's fresh and colorful menu, outlook on life, and business zest. 

Color Palette

  • Advancing Ariel's business appeal by Integrating a local, fresh, healthy, energized, nourished to a new level, look & feel. 

  • A new color scheme implemented to represent Ariel's cuisine, and zest for Healthy Creations. 

Logo Creation

  • I designed this logo as a fusion of Ariel's kitchen tools with a flare of artistic magic, which combines Healthy Creations cuisine and Ariel's personal touch.

  • Clean, simplistic, artistic

Healthy Creations Landing page Before Redesign


Exploring Color palettes

color palette : mood boards.png
healthy creations

Measuring Successful KPIs

  • After I implemented alt text, keywords, and additional SEO optimization Healthy Creations website traffic increased to 169% In 3 months.

  • Accelerated form submissions by 52% during the pandemic. 

  • Unique and organic visitors, form submissions, store orders & more can be monitored. Allowing Ariel Insights and business strategy towards reinventing her customers' satisfaction and Healthy Creation Experience. 

  • By creating automated systems and notifications Ariel is able to manage her growing business and continue sharing her passion with each bite. 


Meeting Ariel Bangs has been a true privilege, she is a kind soul who has a genuine love for supporting and empowering her community. Her commitment to the community is truly inspiring.

This project gave me the privilege to use design towards helping a current real-world problem. I think that as a designer and more importantly as a human we all want to make a difference. The joy of this design was seeing significant side-by-side differences. In the new design, you can visibly see how whitespace gives your eyes a delightful rest between elements, allowing you to focus and digest each element of information.

The new design gives customers information scents when navigating meal plans, menus, and Healthy Creation's process of operations, allowing users to understand the process behind each service in addition to access to needed information to purchase Ariel's services.

With more time I would integrate interactive, customizable menus customers can assemble their own meal box online while ordering. Virtual chef classes and How-To videos would be created and added, allowing customers to access virtual services during and after the pandemic. Thorough testing, feedback, and iterations would be conducted to ensure the functionality and usability of each model. 

To contact Ariel Bangs for donations email or Visit Healthy Creations Website

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