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My Style 

I love to grow and learn new things

My favorite thing is trying new food and adventuring to a new place.


My goal is to travel the world to experience new cultures, learn more about people, and share my skills to help people.​


I crave to explore new ideas and overcome new challenges in personal growth and development, mindful thinking and wellness.


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I enjoy music and melodies from all genres.

You will find anywhere from Whitney Houston to Little Mix on heavy rotation on my Spotify playlists.

I like playing the " what if " game and thinking outside the box

Anything food. I am all about trying new spices and cooking new recipes

The best is when you are able to capture the exact moment without words.

It's true what they say...

A picture is worth a thousand words

I crave to learn new things!

Learning new things is neverending which is so exciting

I love exploring the PNW,

I am always up for an adventure

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