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Project Overview

This project was inspired by my previous industry work in Pulmonary Medicine as a Medical Assistant. We frequently asked patients about their smoking status, while coaching them on cessation techniques. 

The Prompt

Dive deeply into how to support cigarette smokers trying to quit smoking.

I designed a solution that would impact the user's ability to track, engage, and view support during their smoking cessation journey. 


Personal Project - End-to-end design process


Adobe XD

Google Forms

Pencil & paper 


Smoking is the #1 preventable cause of death in the country 

76% of 46 million Americans who smoke want to quit

Smokers who don't participate in a smoking cessation program fail 95% of the time.

I conducted background research to understand the WHO, the WHY, and HOW this smoking population could benefit from a support system and process during quitting.


Through my research, men were 4Xs likely to be cigarette smokers, adults ages 45-64 years of age were among the highest smoking population.

Divorced individuals were 5% more likely to smoke as opposed to single adults / never married / not living with a partner. A difference of 7% to married adults living with a partner.

Accommodation/food service, construction workers, and the transportation industry workers are among the most affected who could benefit from participating in a structured program. Besides socioeconomic factors, linking individuals with a lower income and education tend to smoke the most, similarities between these industries suggest routine and manual workers are less aware of the smoking risks.

As a result, they are less likely to make a serious effort to quit.

Target Audience 

Users seeking a plan, visible support, and encouragement while quitting smoking.

Design Objectives

1. Motivate users to quit smoking

2. Build a support system 

3. Provide tools to keep quit goals on track


How might we support current smokers to quit?

How might we keep smokers stay motivated to quit? 

Staying motivated, creating and tracking quit goals, health statistics, providing a resource of support 

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Information Architecture

Making The Data Human

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Component Library

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Aligning Customer Needs

To keep 

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Validating Needs 

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Tracking Daily Progress